Haji Lane is in the historical Kampong Glam neighbourhood of Singapore.

This 200-meter stretch of colorful shophouses is frequented by locals and tourists from around the world.

Portraits of Haji Lane captures the human diversity you'll find in this street we call home.

Megan from England
Daniel Cosmic from Cosmos
Julian from Malaysia
Clement from France
Rudy is waiting to get into a polytechnic school
Chris from Canada
Dennis from Australia
Hugo from Lopes
Mr. Q is a designer of fine menswear — check out www.theprefecture.com
Sammi from Hong Kong
Serdal is Kurdish, living in Denmark.
Katja and Dominique from Germany are on a 10-week worldwide travel adventure.
Leire from Spain
Haja from France
Sulu Laura from Romania
Debra is a student at the Temasek Poly
Sebastian from Germany
Ali from Georgia, USA is currently studying in Singapore.
Allegra from Paris is a student in Singapore and is out shopping for a friend’s gift at Haji Lane
PoHL: “So what’s your real name?”, “Billykiss is my REAL name.” – Billykiss from Nigeria
Little bashful girl from Hong Kong poses for the camera.
Morgan from Philadelphia is a financial analyst on a six-month assignment here in Singapore
Danielle is an NUS law exchange student from Israel
Dan, an accountant from the U.S., has been working in Singapore for the last three and a half years.
Claudia is a student at the LASALLE College of the Arts
Melissa is taking up history and international relations at the National University of Singapore
Quentin, a SIngapore resident from America
Hasli works as a barista in Haji Lane
Gabriella from the U.S.
“Hi! I’m Marcus.”
Nitcharee from Thailand
Francois, a French tourist enjoying his holiday.
Diego Melendez from Mexico is an avid traveller. You can follow his adventures on his Instagram page http://www.instagram.com/diego_aresdeparga
Yukino from Japan
“Sure, you can take my photo…maybe i’ll become famous!” – Carlos from Spain
“I need more pictures of me!” – Bedo Shalaby from Egypt
Therese From Norway
Mohamed from Bangladesh works in construction.
Bryce is a graphic designer from Melbourne
Alrick, who works as an actuarial analyst in Chicago, is proud of his Jamaican roots.
Ryan from Minnesota, USA
Sophia from Germany
“I’ve been to Singapore about 5 times, this is the first time I’ve been in this neighbourhood. We’re going to be playing tonight and then we’re off touring in Malaysia, Manila, Bangkok and China. It sucks being away from home for so long but we’ve been doing this for 30 years.” – Pete Koller, “Sick Of It All” Guitarist (from New York)
“I’m here waiting for someone, but it seems he’s not coming. I think we had a miscommunication…It’s a long story…but i’m just going to keep waiting” – Diego from Italy. He rode off on his bike after a while, whoever he was waiting for didn’t show up.
“Just checking out the clothes here.” – Clara
Jeffrey from the Netherlands
Hassan from Egypt
Jessica from the U.S.
Petra from Austria
Swarant, a fabric merchant from nearby Arab Street, occasionally strolls over to check out the goings-on at Haji Lane
Ken is a familiar face and voice in Haji Lane where he regularly busks.
Nate, a third grade teacher from Portland
Tanika from Australia
Alexandra from Moscow
James from New York City
“I used to be a DJ. When this space in Haji Lane became available, my and my partner decided to open the CAD Cafe. I still do some DJing every now and then.” – David
“No! No! You can’t have my name! I don’t have pictures with my name on the internet.” – anonymous French tourist
Zai is a local shopkeep who spends his time literally running between four stores in Haji Lane.
Alida from Norway
Pares from Mexico
Lauren from Australia
David from France
Shaun from the Land Down Under
Zak is a Singaporean bodybuilder who can bench press 180kg.
Maria, a med student from London, is staying in Singapore for the Summer. She currently works part-time at the CAD Cafe in Haji Lane. She thinks Singapore could be a less boring place if creatives were allowed to flourish more.
3 year old Lily from Australia trying to smile for the camera
Guy Fiennes, a young tourist from Oxford UK
Jeffrey Mohr’s dad is Australian, his mom is Singpaporean.
Zahra with her son Hadi. Zahra’s parents are from Iraq but she was born and raised in the UK. Her best friend is from Singapore.
Martin Dispas from Belgium
Besides running a clothing boutique, Candy also spends her time sheltering Haji Lane’s numerous stray cats and helping them find foster homes by posting on her Facebook page.
Visitors to Haji Lane will smell an aroma of freshly baked treats…Thanks to Al’Frank Cookies Proprietor and Pastry Chef, Frank Yap.
She works as a model in Singapore
Natalia from Macau
SangMi Park from Seoul
Stephanie from Hong Kong
Cat Miller from London
Michael from Germany
Mathilde from Denmark
Mathilde from Denmark
Mark from Denmark
Yoon Sun and Hyun Ji from Korea
Zhong Chong from China
Caitlin from New Zealand
“I just came for a drink.” – Haikal, a local Singaporean
Fabrice from France works as a hair stylist at the David Alexandre De Paris Salon
Yagnik Kumar from India serves drinks at the Merdandy Cafe
Troy, a tourist from Australia
“We met at a bar.” – Nicola From Germany, Troy from Australia