Are we there yet? Top 5 strategies digital startups can learn from Google.

Two PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, planted the seeds of Google on the grounds of Stanford University. 20 years later to date, google is a household verb to search for almost any topic on the face of the earth. No one would have imagined this simple idea will evolve to be so disruptive. But Google has forever changed the way we share and gain information.

With all the challenges Google has faced, what are the strategies that make Google still so relevant and robust today?


1. Start with culture. When you build a strong community from within, you create a positive energy that is contagious. People will love to come to work. The whole atmosphere is gear towards working well as a team and producing work that is best for the company.


2. Think lean. Gather small creative teams including members who complement each other. Empower them to make decisions based on impact and growth. Own the hiring process. To keep the creative culture alive, you must spend time and effort hiring individuals. Avoid outsourcing the hiring process to another agency.


3. Cut some slack. Create an open environment to promote freedom and innovation. Do not stifle the creative fire in the people. Let them make mistakes and give them room to learn. Above all, offer advice and teach your people how decisions are made in the company.


4. Focus on growth. Do not base decisions just on revenue but on what brings the most value and impact to the team and your customer. Know your competitors well but avoid copying from them.


5. Create superior products. With unique technical research, make your product good and keep improving on it. Online reviews will expose a flaky product and spread like wild fire before you know it.

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